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Panic Button

Panic Button

Staff Security Alert system

When the panic button is triggered, the device alerts security and supervisors of the employee's precise floor and room location, allowing help dispatched to their exact location.

Protect your staff – Comply with regulation

Why - Panic Button Make Sense

  • Panic Buttons are a legal requirement — Currently, local ordinances in states such as Washington, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois, and parts of California have signed in laws that require hotels to provide wearable/portable panic buttons to their employees at no cost.
  • Panic Buttons drive employee retention
  • Panic Button help with staff motivation and morale
  • Panic Buttons protect your hotel’s reputation
  • Panic Buttons are easy and simple to install (Same day installation)
  • Panic Buttons reduce potential legal fees
  • Panic button can reduce potential insurance fees
  • Panic Buttons = The Right Thing to Do

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D Pro Monitoring

We are well aware of challenges that hospitality Industry faces we offer unmatched safety and security for staff 

Products that give Highest reliability and coverage with patented technology best

Easy user interface More efficient platform enables superior performance at a cost-effective price


Protection for Your Staff

Workplace violence can now be quickly responded to and potentially prevented with the assistance of the Push Button Alert System.

Know where your staff needs immediate aid with this simple to use system, which is designed to help you get to the trouble zone ASAP.


Peace of Mind

Hotels and casinos across multiple states and cities like Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Seattle, and Chicago, have taken action to prevent sexual harassment. This includes, for certain workers, access to a safety button or notification device that alerts security staff.

With the Push Button Alert System, workers can rest assured knowing access to security staff is only a click away.

How Panic Button Works


Push Button is Pressed

Employee activates request for help with
a push of a button

Locate Employee in Distress

Exact room & floor location, PLUS updated
location for employees on the move

Incident Report Generated

A detailed incident report is automatically generated documenting team’s response




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